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The Brain Training & Coaching program focuses on (recovery of) mental and physical health. The program is based on one of the most scientifically based brain training methodologies and has been successfully applied since 2010 in both performance improvement (including top athletes and managers) and recovery from brain injuries and conditions such as burnout, stress, depression, ADHD, Post COVID, etc.

Brain fitness training allows for increased brain capacity, your proverbial “bucket” to be increased. During the personally supervised sessions, you will also receive professional advice on mental skills, nutrition and lifestyle. After all, proper brain and body functioning go hand in hand to achieve optimal health and resilience. The program is based on stimulating and supporting the neuroplasticity of the brain and the self-healing capacity of the body.


The Brain Training & Coaching Program starts with a comprehensive intake covering the following elements

  • Detailed explanation of the program
  • Anamnesis with questionnaire
  • Cognitive assessment
  • First session under supervision
  • Professional advice on lifestyle and diet

Based on the intake, a personal program is created. The program covers a period of 16 weeks (about 4 months) in which you will have a personal training and coaching session every week during the first 8 weeks. During the second 8 weeks of the program this will be once every 2 weeks, unless it turns out to be necessary more often. During the personal sessions we use multiple brain training tools including a Virtual Reality training. With these tools we stimulate not only cognitive skills but also the control of your senso-motor system in combination with reaction speed and peripheral vision.

In the case of a more serious condition resulting from brain injury (physical or neurological) such as concussion, whiplash or cerebral hemorrhage, for example, the duration of the program is 6 months. The build-up in this is somewhat more gradual. During the first 14 weeks there is a personal training and coaching session every week. In the following 12 weeks, that is once every 2 weeks, unless it would prove necessary more often. Also in these sessions we use multiple brain training tools including a training in Virtual Reality.

At the end of the program an extensive evaluation takes place based on the brain training results, the monthly completed questionnaires and the weekly evaluations and observations during the personal training & coaching sessions. A comprehensive report of the evaluation is prepared if desired.


Results and effects

Clients experience the following results and effects:

  • increased resilience, resistance and vitality
  • more (inner) peace
  • better focus and concentration
  • better impulse processing
  • better performance
  • more energy
  • better, deeper sleep
  • less irritable, longer fuse
  • more empathy
  • improvement of mental and physical complaints

Training locations

The (2-)weekly supervised training & coaching takes place at Marvalous Health’s location at the Bruistensingel 200 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, but it can also take place partly online if necessary. To ensure an optimal return from the coaching, personal coaching is strongly preferred.

Should you first want to know in more detail where you stand before starting a program, you can choose to first do a Brain Fitness Assessment.

Would you first like to know more and meet in person? Then the coffee or tea is always ready for you and we would love to see you! Contact us for more information and/or make an appointment for a free introduction to the program.