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The months when it can get foggy outside are coming again, but that’s not the fog we’re talking about here. In fact, it can get pretty foggy inside, too. Not inside the house when you’ve left something burning or lit the fireplace with newspapers, but even further inside, in your head.

And meanwhile there is even a word for it: Brainfog. This symptom usually manifests itself by problems with concentration and memory, mental fatigue, not knowing anymore and not feeling so good about yourself. Just as fog on the road makes it harder to see, fog in your head makes it seem as if your brain has lost its sight.

With brain fog, the chemical factories in your head (our brain cells) are less able to communicate with each other. One of the causes can be found in a disturbed neuro-chemistry, which on the one hand can be caused by a shortage of the right nutrients, but on the other hand can also be caused by an excess of the wrong nutrients, the radiation in your environment from such things as WiFi and cell phones, or disruptions caused by such things as a virus, bacteria or other condition. In addition, disturbed gut flora also causes problems with your brain. The gut is sometimes called our second brain and is a very important connection to our brain.

In addition, good sleep is important in dissolving the fog in your brain. This is because when you sleep deeply, your brain detoxifies itself, clearing out as much waste and everything that has no business being in your brain. Listen again to our podcast on Sleep!

Instead, Marvalous Health’s Brain Training & Coaching program focuses on keeping all brain cells functioning as well as possible. Therefore, people who suffer from brain fog benefit greatly from this program.

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