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Welcome to the Marvalous Health Podcast page!

Here you will learn all about the body, the brain and health in general. In this way, the connection between our products will become clearer and you will also gain interesting information! For example, did you know that you can turn water into a battery? Do you know what brain power is and how you could increase it? Do you have any idea by what factor the amount of non-natural radiation (EMF) has increased in recent decades? Always wanted to know how important sleep is and what role cholesterol plays in our bodies? Listen to our podcasts and find out for yourself! Like to stay up to date for the latest releases? Follow us on Instagram, Spotify and/or Apple Podcasts and always stay up to date!

#1 Pillars of Health
The very first Marvalous Health Podcast about the pillars of a healthy life. In particular, Marc van Lokven will discuss one very specific pillar that very few people know about, but which is essential and fundamental for optimal health.
#2 Our Immunesystem
Marc van Lokven explains how the immune system protects us and to what extent it is affected by the current society we live in.
#3 Braincapacity
What is brain capacity, what does it depend on and how could you increase it? Answer these questions and much more interesting information in this third Marvalous Health Podcast. Among other things, brain expert Marc van Lokven explains how to change perceptions of time and get more peace of mind by creating extra space in your proverbial bucket.
#4 Electro Magnetic Fields
You won't believe by what factor the amount of non-natural EMF from sources like WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile phones (3G, 4G, 5G) has increased over the past decades. Marc van Lokven tells you all about this, to what extent it affects our health and what you can do there yourself to reduce or prevent the negative effects.
#5 Be surprised
In this podcast, we go another layer deeper following on from the previous podcasts. If you haven't heard them yet, we recommend listening to those first so that you get the whole structure and context in the right way. You will gain new insights and at the same time recognise many things you might never have looked at from that angle before.
#6 Water
Without water, there is no life and it is a much more special molecule than you might suspect. For example, did you know that besides H2O, there is also H3O2 in your body and that its quantity is even an indication of how healthy your cells are? And that you can turn water into a battery? That and much more in this podcast about the essence of every living organism: aqua.
#7 Cholesterol
A much discussed topic and very topical. But what is it really like? In this podcast, Marc explains the role cholesterol plays in our bodies and what you actually measure - or should measure - in your blood when you have it tested for cholesterol. This fat is much more essential and less harmful than you might suspect.
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