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That gray and white matter of about 1.5kg between your ears is the most complex system in the known universe. The field of neuroscience has seen a scientific boom in recent decades, and this is largely due to amazing discoveries about the neuroplasticity of your brain. In this blog, I’ll tell you a little more about brain capacity and how you can increase it with the Marvalous Health Brain Training program.

Very simply put, we train our bodies primarily “from the chin and below” … But what about all those valuable “muscles” above the chin: your brain! Everyone is familiar with the idea that if you train your body, your muscles, cardiovascular system and even more systems in your body will adapt, making you fitter and better able to exercise. With Brain Fitness, that is what your brain does when stimulated in the right way. This takes advantage of the neuroplasticity of our brain.

Neurons include many different cells that all specialize in communicating what is happening in and around your body, with the command center being your mind. Plasticity is a reference to the flexibility to change, which is why some neuroscientists will say that “the brain is plastic.” Simply put, neuroplasticity means that your brain can adapt. The old assumed fact that you have to make do with the brain you are born with has thus been obsolete for a number of years.

The biology of the brain and central nervous system are built to adapt in a much more efficient way than muscle cells do. In addition, the “brain muscles” remain active longer than our physical muscles when we don’t use them or use them less. In the end, of course, it is “use it or lose it,” because the body handles the use of energy very efficiently. As soon as you don’t use something or use it less, it can literally be cleaned up. A good example of this is the loss of muscle in your leg when you have been in a cast for 6 weeks. In your brain you also notice this when you use it less, both in a general sense and for specific functions.

Neurons that become unused over time can be pruned back through a process called synaptic pruning, which allows the energy in the brain to be used optimally. In the first few years of our lives, our brains are massively pruned. We are born with a huge number of connections between brain cells. Therefore, it is precisely during this period that you can learn quickly and a lot. This is partly necessary because you still have to learn to walk, talk, eat and much more. And so that is also the reason why young children can learn multiple languages very easily. From the 2nd year of life there is already pruning, everything you don’t use can go away.

Our brains can not only grow new brain cells like muscles can – a process called neurogenesis – but the neurons (brain cells) can also structurally create new networks for greater connectivity and capacity to process information. These networks are huge – there are about 100 trillion connections between your neurons. If you were to put all the connection in sequence you come to a length of about 170,000km! More than 4x around the world! That is hardly imaginable…

Whether you are processing sensory information, focusing on tasks, thinking deeply, using your imagination or even just dreaming – your brain is set up to constantly adapt to the demands placed on it. As soon as we learn something new, we create new neural connections. But these are then especially specific to what you have learned. The brain fitness method at Marvalous Health also uses this “learning effect,” but in a very specific way without context, allowing you to freely use the newly created connections as extra brain capacity!

In the workshops we provide we will tell you much more about it. And of course you can experience it yourself during a Brain Fitness Assessment or a Brain Training & Coaching program!

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