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When you are able to think about what you’re thinking, you will elevate your level of consciousness.

Your thinking brain keeps you away from the NOW, whereas the NOW is where true happiness lies and where YOU are truly YOU! There can always only be NOW, because the past is a memory and the future is merely what you anticipate to happen. So when you are thinking too much about things that happened in the past or things you should have done differently and when you worry too much about the future about things that may happen you’re not living in the NOW and you might be wasting another moment that will in an instant be a past you may regret.

Our thoughts created our reality and are connected to physical activities in our body. Some simple examples of that are when you think about your favorite food which will water your mouth. Or when you feel unpleasant vibes in your belly when you are scared. Or butterflies when you are in love and pleasant tingles when you get excited. Thoughts and the body are in constant interaction and therefor the quality of your thoughts have an absolute impact on your well-being and happiness.

In a world full of constant stimuli our brains are hammered with all kinds of triggers that constantly fill up the bucket leaving ample room to think about what you’re thinking. You cannot be in the NOW without achieving a state of flow. The Marvalous Brain Training & Coaching program will enable you to get there, be there more often and become more conscious of your thoughts. It will help you catch up with evolution to get your brain on par again with the demands of today’s life. At some point in the program clients literally discover this amazing place of reflection and start to think about what they’re thinking. This puts them in an even more up-spiraling mode accelerating recovery and improvement in every aspect of life.

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