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For many, the term Lung COVID briefly suggested at first that these were pulmonary symptoms, but it comes from the English term and stands for long-term symptoms following a Corona infection. In a general sense, such a condition is known as post viral syndrome.

More and more people are experiencing the same long-term symptoms after a corona infection. It involves a wide range of symptoms that can sometimes last a long time, from tightness of breath or fatigue to difficulty concentrating and sleeping. The intensity varies from person to person and is mostly related to personal circumstances and any existing condition that has already weakened the immune system, such as diabetes or obesity.

Much research has now been done in which a number of causes of long-term symptoms have been recognized. One is an overactive immune system and the persistence of inflammation caused by the infection. Among other things, a lack of proper nutrients reduces the body’s ability to control inflammation. One such essential nutrient that research has revealed are the so-called omega-3 fatty acids (ref.

With our Brain Training & Coaching program, we offer support for these types of symptoms. Among other things, it helps repair cognitive problems, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and restore energy levels. Interested in learning more about this? Get in touch with us!

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