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This is some of the many testimonials we have received from our clients. The feedback is anonymous, but if desired, direct contact can be arranged for more information. Please send an e-mail or contact us by phone.

L.C. (20 y/o)
Accident with heavy brain damage
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After being hit by a car, I suffered severe brain damage. I spent some time in intensive care and then spent about 9 months in rehabilitation. However, my attention span and learning ability had decreased quite a bit. I was severely limited motorically, especially on my right side, and my speech was still very difficult. Cycling was no longer possible and continuing my education at TU Eindhoven was almost impossible. Via a housemate, I ended up at Marvalous Health, where I followed the Brain Training & Coaching programme for about six months. My speech and motor skills improved a lot, I was able to ride my bike again, finish school and much more. I am now living my own life again as I did before the accident! Of course you learn to cope with the consequences of the accident, but thanks to the programme I was able to recover my limitations relatively quickly which would not have been the case without Marvalous Health!
D.B. (36 y/o)
TBI, complex PTSD, AD(H)D and depression
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I have been on my programme for 2 months now and I can already see positive changes in my daily functioning. My depression is almost gone, emerging fears are much less and "the world" seems to move a lot slower! All this has helped me to develop the space and energy to start reintegrating and challenging new learning goals at a work experience placement since last week. After more than 1 year of being completely unable to work and 6 years of treatment, therapy and training for brain damage (NAH), complex PTSD, diagnosis of AD(H)D, depression and many types of anxiety, that's quite something! I'm not there yet, nevertheless now there is finally room to dare and be able to look beyond today! Not in avoidance but rather in connection, not in fear but rather in confidence! A world of difference! I was fairly sceptical when I started the BBF process, now I am convinced that this has been the missing ingredient in my recovery!
Bram Verbong (24 y/o)
Goalkeeper FC VVV - Traumatic Brain Injury
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An incident during training resulted in a week in hospital where I was told many different diagnoses. From severe concussion to brain injury. In any case, the trauma I had suffered was severe in that I could no longer function normally. I couldn't even tolerate light from outside. Until I came into contact with Marc. We started a brain training & coaching programme together. This turned out to be a success! In the beginning, we scheduled a session every week and soon I was making steps in the right direction. After an intensive 4-month trajectory, I was fully recovered and I am complaint-free to this day! Besides the trajectory, I also gained a valuable bond with Marc. That is worth a lot to me and I would definitely recommend a course with this amigo!
R.D. (56 y/o)
Double stroke
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After suffering two cerebral infarctions and a tia a little over a year ago, I thought I would never be able to live a normal life again. Even after my one-year rehabilitation, it had become difficult for me to read, I could no longer drive a car, too much light and noise was very disturbing, and it seemed that for the rest of my life I could forget about my passion: mountain climbing. I am glad I took the Brain Training & Coaching programme. After only 4 months, I sent Marc a picture of myself from the top of the Alps! Reading is going well again and last summer I drove my car with a caravan. The programme was tailor-made for me and lasted 6 months in total. The people around me and especially my lovely wife recognise me as the "old me" again and I really am a happier person again!