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One of the most heard comments after presentations, workshops and – moreover – from clients that went through the Marvalous Health Brain Training & Coaching program is: WOW this is truly magical!

But the program itself that has been optimized throughout the years is absolutely not magic at all… YOU ARE THE MAGIC! I just found a way to push the right buttons and trigger the right processes for the body and brain to restore, regenerate and improve. Your body has amazing self-regulating properties and is by far the best pharmacy in the world. It simply needs the right triggers and fuel to operate at its full potential.

So why does it work like that you may wonder. Well, any living organism has just one main goal which is SURVIVAL. After all, survival is the reason for a species to exist. This means that not only all cells in the body will do anything in its power to function properly, but also all energy in the body will be used in the most effective and efficient way to accommodate those processes.

Looking at the brain nowadays there is an abundant amount of information we get thrown at us on a daily basis, both voluntary and involuntary. Did you know for example that we receive the same amount of information today in 1 day as we did in a full lifetime 700 years ago? Astonishing isn’t it? Or maybe ridiculous might be a better word… Obviously our brain has not been able to keep up with that from an evolutionary perspective so our brain’s capacity is simply running short.

This gives rise to the following question: can we help evolution a little by stimulating the right processes in the brain to help grow its capacity? The answer is YES! The core of our brain training program is one of the most – if not THE most – proven and scientifically tested programs that exist. Moreover, we are seeing these results happen right in front of us for already more than 10 years! By making use of the brain’s neuroplastic properties the program triggers the right natural functions to build new neural connections and generate new braincells and hence build more brain capacity. Isn’t that MAGICAL?!

If you want to know more about how this magic is triggered then feel free to reach out!

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